About Mitsubishi HC Capital Malaysia

Mitsubishi HC Capital Malaysia is a diversified leasing and hire purchase firm that assists businesses to prosper.

Mitsubishi HC Capital Malaysia offer a variety of asset-based financing solutions focus on commercial vehicle & truck, material handling & moving equipment, etc.


Key Features



Where others charge expensive monthly fees after a lease expires, we provide flexible renewable options that help minimise your expenses.


High Margin of Financing

Finance with us and enjoy the high margin of financing up to 100% for selected type of asset.



To ensure that our customers are well taken care of, we constantly focus on providing excellent service throughout the entire financing period and beyond.



We accept variety of payment method including GIRO, Direct debit, cheque & deposit machine (via nationwide Maybank branch), cheque or post-dated cheque, making monthly repayment completely hassle free.



We understand that time is costly, which is why our customers always receive quick replies to their enquiries.


Favourable Rates

Our rate is highly competitive.


Trade Facility

We facilitate oversea and local purchases via documentary credit on behalf of the customer.

Financial Services


Hire purchase allows you to spread the cost of asset purchase. We pay for the asset outright, and you repay us in monthly instalments. At the end of the hire purchase tenor you retain full ownership of the asset.

The repayments are tailored to suit your requirement. You have the security of knowing what the hire purchase repayment will be, giving your business the ability to budget and plan ahead without disrupting cash flow.


We purchase the equipment from dealer and lease it to the customer at an agreed lease rentals and duration. It helps customer in business planning and cashflow management.

Mitsubishi HC Capital Malaysia provides highly comprehensive Leasing options, allowing your business to manage entire fleets of machinery without worry. All essential details are well taken care of, leaving your business with an absolute peace of mind.



If your business is constantly renting out equipment or providing credit term solutions, a healthy cash flow is critical. One way to ensure this is to consider our Factoring (Accounts Receivables) solution. In addition, we help companies with certain administrative details where necessary, reducing as much hassle as possible. If your business needs to keep things confidential, non-disclosure agreement can be drawn up to provide that much-needed peace of mind.

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Financial Services


In Mitsubishi HC Capital Malaysia, we believe and recognise our staff as one of our greatest assets. We nurture our staff by constantly adding value, growing the organisation as a well-structured and dynamic team.